Introducing You to Your Most Powerful Self

“The keys to living a most powerful life are daily practices of self-study and self-love”

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to continue to succeed and find fulfillment in life regardless of how much oppression and adversity they have had to face? Have you ever wished you could be more like them? These powerful people don’t have some magic that is unavailable to the rest of us; what they do have is access to their own power. The key to living a life of power is in knowing that you already have the capacity within you and learning how to unlock it.

I believe that all human beings have the power in themselves to overcome extreme challenges and difficulties and to live in fulfillment. Life is not easy; it has never been easy for any of the creatures with whom we share this wonderful earth. All the species that have survived and thrived throughout evolution have done so by becoming more powerful with every generation and defeating the odds. Humanity’s power has been encoded and perfected in our DNA through millions of years of evolution.

The journey towards becoming your most powerful self begins with self awareness. You must first understand yourself and learn how to honor your own needs. Once you begin turning the focus of your attention inward, you will start noticing the ways in which you exert power as well as the behaviors you engage in which take away your power. Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you my Five Daily Practices of Self-Appreciation. 

As you slowly become more aware of yourself, it will be helpful to look at stories of others who exhibited power in a specific manner.  I will share with you everyday stories of ordinary people displaying extraordinary power in the face of adversity. By examining these stories we will learn how to recognize oppression and assess what possible actions are within our power.

The keys to living a most powerful life are daily practices of self-study and self-love, paying attention to ourselves and our patterns of behavior, and knowing our own power and how to use it in difficult situations. Let me show you how to begin to live a life of power.